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prodotti The gilthead sea bream and European sea- bass are farmed by Salmontrutta in the gulf of Valona. They are characterized by high organoleptic qualities (tenderness, flavour, consistency) and measures that ensure high standards of safety and hygiene. In this area fish benefit from extremely good environmental conditions, and their nutrition is studied through specific diets which take place in our own production plant. This allows us to choose and use high quality raw materials (herring meal and fish oil), and provide the right proportion of all nutrients needed to guarantee better growth and well-being conditions and high quality products.

Besides environment, food is another important aspect that influences and characterizes the quality of the final product. Having the chance to choose and directly control raw materials, leads to a safe product, rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fats (EPA, DHA), which are essential to keep us healthy. Thanks to the high-quality environmental conditions and balanced diets, Rossimare is able to offer gilthead sea bream and European bass all year round, and fish are graded into different categories to satisfy national and European markets’ needs. After harvesting, delivery to the consumer can take place within 24-36 hours, and all packagings contain the Rossimare trademark where consumers can find information about products traceability..
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