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Salmontrutta believes that quality and safety always come first, and is committed to respecting the fish farming environment.

These two aspects are connected to each other, and the success of their results largely depends on the experience of different specialists because they choose the juvenile fish quality, the plant management system and the food type.

In the production supply we use chain cutting-edge technologies in order to get the best results in fish farming, limit the environmental impact and ensure a sustainable development of fishing industry.

Thanks to specific technologies and the great experience the group has gained over recent years in fish farming, Salmontrutta can offer seafood products characterized by high organoleptic qualities and measures that ensure high standards of safety and hygiene. The philosophy of Salmontrutta is to choose the best environment for fish farming, so that we can prevent fish diseases, and avoid the use of antibiotics. Another important aspect is to provide rigorous testing for each farming phase, from the analytical and microbiological food control during the environmental monitoring, to the water and any sediment in the seabed.
This is the only way to conceive and create a better sustainable aquaculture.

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